About us

Our company was established in 2004 by two industry experts – John Douglas and Kenny Beckham. Ever since that year, we have experienced an amazing growth and plenty of success in reshaping the real estate industry. Do not take our words for it, but our customers’. We have helped over 5,000 people since 2004. Unlike other companies, we are transparent and crystal clear about everything we do. Interested in buying a house? Be it your first home or a buy to let property, we will first educate you on every possible aspect related to it. We will teach you what it takes to do that, but we will also draw a scenario for you to understand how your lifestyle will change.

Our company has already become one of the leading real estate brokerage companies in Colorado. We are currently the most positively reviewed agency by independent websites like Trustpilot. The reason? The way we do things. We provide end to end customer technologies and we match them to our experienced agents. We count 12 agents and more than 110 years of experience altogether. You can definitely expect the best of the best in terms of efficiency.

Buying homes is not our only strength, but we also help those who wish to sell properties. There are no charges involved before your property is sold and we dare to promise you that it will be sold before you understand what is going on. There are so many people turning to us looking to buy and sell that we do not even have to search for too long – we simply match some of our customers’ needs to other customers’ needs.

We help those who wish to rent or rent out too, not to mention property management. If you have a property to rent out, we will find tenants for you, collect rent and handle potential repairs. What do you have to do then? Nothing! Just focus on more important things, such as your family, while we manage your property and send you the money on a monthly basis.

We are extremely proud of the way we do things, as well as our people, the technology we use and the innovative changes we have brought to this industry. Altogether, these aspects have built a top notch culture of service. No project is too small or too large for us. Our customer service will introduce you to what we do. If you decide to go on, we will help you fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

No matter what your dreams are about, get in touch with us today and let us reshape them and show you what it would be like if they became reality – and they will.